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Retro Oddities Volume One: Video Collage by Joe Wallace

cover-imageIn between curating Jessica Barnett DeCuir’s record cover collage art show Remix, and getting ready for a new third Friday event for June, I’ve been working on a series of video collage pieces titled Retro Oddities.

This is a collection of images from men’s magazines that have been re-photographed and recontextualized. The original images have been manipulated by selective photography, cropping and juxtaposition of several printed pieces within the frame of the photograph.

The results are something that looks far more like crime scene photography than what was originally intended; the men’s magazines I selected for this project are from the late 1960s and early 70s and were sold as adults-only print matter.

Special emphasis was placed on finding images that showed models who appear to be grimacing rather than smiling, straining, rather than enjoying, enduring as opposed to reclining. Other images were selected for their relevance to the central theme of the project, which includes the notion that creepy men’s magazines of decades gone by reveal far more about the people who create this material than the people who read it.

Have a look at this first installment of the video series below:

Remix by Jessica Barnett DeCuir

Remix Jessica Barnett DeCuir Album Cover collage Joe WallaceOn Friday, May 15th 2015, StudioLab hosted/curated Remix, the album cover collage art show by Jessica Barnett DeCuir. The show featured 24 works, all comprised of collaged album covers from the 1970s and 1980s. Jessica brought her work all the way from San Antonio, Texas and Chicago gave her a very warm welcome.

Turnout for the show was fantastic–we appreciate the support of our many friends old and new. 1200 W. 35th Street was full of activity that night, but we are very glad for all those who came up to the 5th floor to see the show. You can view Jessica Barnett DeCuir’s bio and artist statement in downloadable .PDF format.

Remix will run through mid-June, and those who missed our opening reception can view the collection by appointment. Drop us a line to arrange a viewing:

All the pieces in the Remix show are for sale–contact us for prices or to arrange pickup.

–Joe Wallace

Remix Jessica Barnett DeCuir Album Cover Collage Art Show Joe Wallace StudioLabRemix Art Show Bridgeport Art Center Chicago Joe Wallace StudioLab StudioLab Presents Remix Remix Bridgeport Art Center StudioLab Joe Wallace  Chicago Art Show Bridgeport Art Center Jessica Barnett DeCuir artist Joe Wallace curator StudioLab Jessica Barnett DeCuir Chicago Art Show Remix Joe Wallace Art Curator StudioLab Remix Album Cover Collage Art Remix Bridgeport Art Center StudioLab Joe Wallace Remix Images Joe Wallace curator StudioLab art show Bridgeport art center

StudioLab Presents Remix: Record Cover Collage By Jessica Barnett DeCuir

crimson_collinsDo  you recognize the two classic album covers represented in this collage titled Crimson Collins, by Jessica Barnett DeCuir? This is just one of an impressive collection of album cover collages that go on display at StudioLab as part of the Bridgeport Art Center Third Friday Artist Open Studios event on Friday  May 15th 2015.

StudioLab is proud to bring Jessica Barnett DeCuir and her album cover collage show, Remix, which has its opening reception on May 15 and remains on display through June 12.

“As a visual artist & musician,” DeCuir says, “I continually look for ways to blur the boundaries between art & music, whether through installation art, collaborative live music performances, or mixed media works. This series of collages are created using album covers featuring pop & rock bands of the 1970’s and 80’s.”

What parameters did she use to create the work? Could any album cover be fair game for Remix? DeCuir says it was far more challenging than simply grabbing some dusty old record jackets out of a bargain bin somewhere and getting to work. Her process involves a more methodical approach.

“I limited myself to these two decades (70’s and 80’s) because the albums are easy to come by and are the nostalgic, often cheesy soundtrack of my years growing up and listening to radio, records and tapes.” Her investigation of these albums turned up a few surprises along the way. “Many of the original album covers contained subliminal content, later to be revealed through my 2×2” square cutting process.”

What is that subliminal content? You’ll have to see for yourself on Friday, May 15 2015 from 6PM to 10PM on the 5th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center. StudioLab will provide refreshments while supplies last and Jessica Barnett DeCuir will be available during the opening reception. The works in Remix are for sale, and all proceeds go toward the artist. StudioLab does not accept a commission or fees of any kind for this show.