As of June 2015, StudioLab is accepting proposals from artists for art installations, group shows and solo exhibitions. You can get in touch with us with a text-only proposal via email–please include links to work we can view online via your website, Youtube, etc. You can send an email proposal to:

You can also send us a proposal via regular mail. Please include images, your artist bio and CV and any other relevant information. Send all materials to:

Joe Wallace/StudioLab, 1200 W. 35th Street #185 Chicago Illinois 60609.

StudioLab is looking for artists who do unique, edgy work that pushes the boundaries of traditional art, multimedia installation work, digital and moving image. We are especially keen on any artist working with vinyl records, record culture, album art, and related issues. If you find Christian Marclay to be an inspiration to you, do get in touch-we would love to hear from you.

Abstract Expressionist Painting By Joe Wallace

Artwork, sound design, and video