Sharon Gissy

Sharon Gissy is a Chicago-based painter who has exhibited her work several times at StudioLab, and we’re proud to display this gallery of her pop art pet portraits as a permanent feature of the StudioLab official site.

Many of her oil paintings are done on a commission basis, contact Sharon directly for information on commissioning a portrait.

Sharon Gissy Pop Art10

Sharon Gissy Pop Art12

Sharon Gissy Pop Art11

Sharon Gissy Pop Art pet portraits001

Sharon Gissy Pop Art13

Sharon Gissy Pop Art16

Sharon Gissy Pop Art17

All portraits seen here are oil on canvas. Contact Sharon Gissy for an appointment to discuss commissioning a work or to learn more about Pop Art Pet Portraits. Prices on commissioned work are negotiable–they vary depending on size, deadlines, etc.

Artwork, sound design, and video