Selected Prior Exhibitions


Light Obscures, Darkness Reveals
A solo exhibition of ambient light photography with neon tubes and fine art nudes
StudioLab, Chicago, Illinois, 2016

Some Bullshit: Selected Works 2005-2015
A solo exhibit of brush-and-ink and charcoal works (all 18×24)
StudioLab, Chicago, Illinois, 2015

Adult Landscapes
A solo exhibit of photography and appropriated images
StudioLab, Chicago Illinois, 2015

Things I Wrote While Drinking
Ephemeral media writing/artwork exhibition and reading
StudioLab, Chicago, Illinois, 2015

Binary Partners
A collaborative audio/video installation art piece and performance with Ezzy Trujillo
StudioLab, Chicago Illinois, 2014

Sexy And Scary Vinyl
Vinyl record artwork installation curated by Joe Wallace
StudioLab, Chicago, Illinois, 2014

Arirang Images: Photography Of South Korea
A solo exhibition of street photography in South Korea
Up Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2006

Images Of Dance
A collection of manipulated and un-processed photography of belly dancing and traditional dance from India
Frame Warehouse Oak Park, Illinois, September 2005


Meow Mix
Painting & ephemeral media by Joe Wallace & Sharon Gissy
StudioLab, Chicago, Illinois, 2014

Binary Partners
Sound sculpture/audio installation/performance
StudioLab, Chicago, Illinois, 2014

Lullabies For Little Albert
Sound sculpture/installation/performance
Cactus Bra Art Space, San Antonio, Texas, 2002

Sugar Shock!
Sala Diaz Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, 2001


Songwriter/Composer, Hyperbubble, Solid Pop, Uncle Buzz Records 2004

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor, The Camera Is Your Friend, documentary film 2002-2003

Composer/Musician, Crevice, Lullabies for Little Albert CD, Uncle Buzz Records 2002

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor, The Making of an Air Force Recruiter, documentary film 2002

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor, Working in Three Dimensions, promotional film, Client: Texas Society of Sculptors 2003

Primary videographer,The Centennial Of Flight, half-hour television special, Air Force Television News, 2003

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor, Bubblegum Fiesta, promotional film, Client: Uncle Buzz Records 2001

Composer/Producer, Paisley Babylon, The Alpha Wave Variations cd, released by Uncle Buzz Records, 1997

Composer/Producer, Paisley Babylon, Aquanaut track, Acid Ranch 2000 cd, released by Uncle Buzz Records, 1998

Anchor, Air Force Radio News, 1995-1998

Radio Host, Joe’s Exploding Zoo, Far East Network, Misawa, Japan 1993-1995

Anchor, FEN Nightly News, Far East Network, Misawa, Japan 1994-1995

Producer/Writer/Talent, No Confidence Voting, short subject television satire, Access 4/SCAN 17 TV, Springfield, Illinois 1990

Producer/Director/Head Writer, The Punk Hour: Vol. 1-4, television satire, Access 4/SCAN 17 TV, Springfield, Illinois 1987-1990

Artwork, sound design, and video