StudioLab Exhibitions

StudioLab began doing installations, open studio nights, and collective art nights in 2014. Here is a selected list of past shows and events we’ve done in the space:

StudioLab opens its’ doors each month as part of the Flat Iron Artists’ Association First Friday Open Studios event. We have an ongoing display of artwork by Sharon Gissy, Joe Wallace, and visiting/guest artists.

Adult Landscapes was a photo art installation show by Joe Wallace. It explored the themes of the male gaze, exploitation, urban loneliness, and something Wallace calls, “Vintage Sexism”. This show ran in StudioLab’s original location at the Bridgeport Art Center in August 2015.

Remix: Album Cover Collage Art by Jessica Barnett DeCuir featured 24 pieces, all consisting of collaged album cover art from the 1970s and 1980s. This solo show was the artist’s first Chicago exhibition and we certainly intend for more of her work to appear at StudioLab in the future. This solo show ran in May of 2015

Sexy And Scary Vinyl: An installation art show curated by Joe Wallace featuring a large collection of album covers from the horror and erotica genres with an emphasis on thought-provoking graphics and lurid imagery. This installation ran in June 2014.

Meow Mix was an opening reception for Sharon Gissy and Joe Wallace. Sharon Gissy presented her collection of pop art pet portraits while Joe Wallace displayed enlarged versions of the pages from his then-new ephemeral media project, Things I Wrote While Drinking. Meow Mix run during the month of July 2014. Sharon Gissy currently accepts commissions on a limited basis. You can reach her via her Facebook page or you can get in touch via StudioLab (

Binary Partners: An audio installation and multi-media art show/performance featuring Joe Wallace and Ezzy Trujillo. This show is a direct callback to the days of No Wave in NYC, Industrial music in Sheffield, and performance art/audio art by the likes of Laurie Anderson, Genesis P. Orridge, Suicide, Slava Tsukerman and many others. This one-night-only audio and video art installation ran October 17 2014.

Artwork, sound design, and video