Binary Partners

Binary Partners performed a unique blend of audio art and performance at StudioLab on October 17 2014. The show featured audio collage, Theremin, live music performance and improvised music and dialog. Binary Partners consisted of Joe Wallace on Theremin and electronics, and Ezzy Trujillo on Moog, samples, and various electronic devices.

In many ways the sound of this performance calls to mind parts of the No Wave scene in New York back in the 80s, the Liquid Sky soundtrack by Slava Tsukerman, the Sheffield industrial music scene of the late 70s/early 80s, and a great deal of audio performance art. You can hear a clip of this one-night only audio and video art installation here:


Binary Partners live studiolab Binary partners audio art installation Ezzy-Trujillo-Binary-Partners binary partners audio installation art Joe-Wallace-and-Theremin Binary-Partners-Joe-Wallace-Theremin Art Joe Wallace Binary Partners StudioLab Sound Installation Art

Artwork, sound design, and video