Sexy And Scary Vinyl

On June 20, 2014, Joe Wallace curated the Sexy And Scary Vinyl show at Studiolab. This installation featured a collection of vinyl album covers including Italian Lounge LPs, horror soundtrack albums, and a host of other genres featuring horror themed images or sexy album covers.

All the vinyl on display in this installation is part of Wallace’s permanent collection. There is also press on the show via You can also listen to an audio version of the interview here.

The idea behind this show was to showcase vinyl album cover artwork with horror or erotica themes. The show was very nearly called “Sex And/Or Death” but that didn’t seem to convey the vinyl-centric nature of the show well enough. This was one of the earliest openings at StudioLab and there has been quite an evolution since then but this installation art show will return to the space someday with a whole new collection of album covers designed to provoke.

Sexy and Scary Vinyl art show press photo DNAInfo

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