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Works in Progress at StudioLab

Here are some pieces that are currently in progress at StudioLab. Stay tuned for details once these are finished and priced:

Joe Wallace abstract painter action painting chicago Joe Wallace Ink Grid 99 Joe Wallace RED BLUR JOE WALLACE RED NEON SERIES 3



Joe Wallace Chicago abstract painter

These images were shot in StudioLab, which is located in Chicago’s historic Flatiron Arts Building in Wicker Park. For commissions or pricing details (once the pieces are finalized) contact us: jwallace242@gmail.com.


Size Matters Art Show Now Online

Size Matters Art Show StudioLab Chicago Art

The Size Matters show that ran in StudioLab recently has been taken down from the physical space at StudioLab and has moved online at http://www.constantlyconsumingculture.com/. All artwork listed there is for sale unless otherwise indicated.

Size Matters is a show featuring post-card sized artwork from a variety of artists both Chicago-based and international. The show runs online for a limited time-don’t miss the chance to see postcard sized works by John Airo, Gretchen Hasse, Manzana Oscura, Renee McGinnis, Gabriel Martinez, and many others.

New Paintings By Joe Wallace: Explosions

FullSizeRenderThe image above is a detail shot of my latest abstract expressionist / action painting piece titled, “Explosions”. Painting on two 20×20 canvasses with acrylics, this is the second in a series of action paintings made by design to emphasize movement, a bit of violence, and a great deal of physical effort involved in the creation.

I painted this under the influence of a lot of caffeine while listening to a German downtempo/trip hop/future jazz compilation titled Spliffen Sie Englisch.

I’ve been exploring themes related to post-traumatic stress disorder related to military service (I was in the Air Force for nearly 14 years from 1991 to 2005) and the action painting series I’m working on right now is a reflection of that, though it’s not apparent through the work itself save for the violence involved in its creation and inspiration.

This work is available for sale for $375. It consists of two 20×20 canvasses that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Free shipping worldwide. You can click here to purchase and pay via PayPal or click the PayPal Buy Now button below.

You are purchasing this artwork directly from me, the artist. I created this work on March 6 2015. You are purchasing the original artwork, not a print. Color reproduction on your computer screen may not be 100% accurate depending on the calibration of your equipment. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the art in its actual state. Background details should not be misconstrued to be part of the work.

If you would like to arrange a private viewing of this abstract expressionist/action painting piece by Joe Wallace, please contact the artist by e-mail at jwallace242@gmail.com. The artist and the painting are located in Chicago. You can view this painting at the artist’s studio, StudioLab, located on the 5th Floor of the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Abstract Expressionist Painting By Joe Wallace

Modern Painting by Joe Wallace abstract expressionist action painting




Working in the StudioLab

Joe Wallace StudioLab Bridgeport Art CenterWork at StudioLab (located inside the Bridgeport Art Center at 1200 W. Racine in Chicago) has started in earnest. I’ve been working across a range of mediums including charcoals, ink, and acrylics in preparation for an open studio show on the third Friday in July.

Some artists are content to stick to one format, one idiom, or style…but I’ve found myself working everything from graphic novel-type drawing and illustration to the big, hyperactive action painting style that’s so much fun to do…but not always as much fun to look at.

When StudioLab opened its doors two months ago, I really had no idea what to expect in terms of my output working more fulltime on visual art. The process has been extremely educational. Unfortunately, like action painting, the early results of this blog are far more interesting to write than they are likely to read. That’s because StudioLab and I are still finding our legs together and big comprehensive artist’s statements and musings about the nature of life, art, cinema and everything else are still a little ways off.

This blog is meant to do several things at once. It acts as documentation of StudioLab as a project in and of itself…but it’s also a way for me to throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks. That also is PROBABLY more fun to write than it is to read. But there are likely some kindred spirit artists out there who feel the same way about things and might have two cents worth to throw in.

And it’s also a bit of an artist’s confessional–you know, all the typical doubt, amazement, first impressions, excitement about other artists and networking that goes on.

The blog so far has been more sporadic than anything, but I expect that will change as both StudioLab and its presence here grow and mutate.

In other words, stay tuned.

I am Joe Wallace. I am an artist, a musician and filmmaker, and I run StudioLab which has its home in the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago. StudioLab is about visual art, sound design, transmedia art and collaboration, and so much more. I’m preparing for an open studio show at StudioLab scheduled for July. Details on that coming soon.