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2015: Year of the Manifesto, The Rant, and the Screed


StudioLab 2015 Year Of The Manifesto

What you see here is an event at StudioLab as viewed through the large picture window in the hallway of the space. That window area becomes home to a new StudioLab installation art project in 2015 that will last an entire year and feature an ever-changing collection of material being posted and documented.

The project is called 2015: Year of the Manifesto, the Rant, and the Screed. Partly inspired by outsider artists, partly inspired by the “Aspen Wallposter” art of Hunter S. Thompson, and partly inspired by zine and indie publishing culture, this project is ongoing through the entire year. It will be extensively documented here and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The entire project will be collected at the end of 2015 and published in a book bearing the same name.

Keep watching this space for news, updates, and more information about this unique and challenging installation art project at StudioLab!