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StudioLab Call For Art Show Proposals

Remix Bridgeport Art Center StudioLab Joe WallaceStudioLab is actively seeking artists who work with vinyl records in any capacity for collaborative shows, solo work, etc. Read below for details.

The photo above was taken at Remix, our most recent art show which wraps up June 12, 2015. Remix is a solo show by Jessica Barnett DeCuir, and when we first decided to work together it was the start of a whole new set of possibilities for StudioLab.

Originally when I opened StudioLab in early 2014, it was intended to be much more of a work-oriented space between myself and my bandmate in Binary Partners, Ezzy Trujillo plus some collaboration with Patty Gonzales. But their work took them in other directions and I found myself using StudioLab for a variety of things aside from showcasing my own work.

So I began doing collaborative shows in the space as well as solo shows as you can see from above.

Now I am opening StudioLab up to other artists that seem to fit into the overall aesthetic I’m working in–StudioLab is, as of now, actively seeking proposals for shows to run in the space that would have their openings during the Flatiron Building First Friday open studios event in Wicker Park and run for two weeks with gallery hours by appointment and/or as the artist has time to be available with or without an appointment.

You can send a digital proposal to StudioLab via email: jwallace242@gmail.com. Please do not send attachments–instead please send a text proposal along with links to images hosted online, via YouTube, your official site, etc. You can also send proposals via regular mail to:

Joe Wallace/StudioLab, 1579 N. Milwaukee #220, Chicago Illinois 60622

At this time I am accepting all proposals for review, but I am especially interested in any artist working with vinyl records–if you are inspired by Christian Marclay, or are interesting in using vinyl as part of your work, please do get in touch with a proposal as that’s something StudioLab is planning more of in the coming months.

–Joe Wallace