Zine Art Show

Zine art by Joe Wallace

If you are viewing this page, it’s highly likely I’ve contacted you about my traveling zine art show, Ink, Paper, Skulls, and Screeds. This body of work is a solo zine art project designed to raise awareness of zine culture,  inspire people to buy and make zines, and also to encourage more zine-related art shows like (or totally unlike) this one.

You can view my artist statement about this show (coming soon!) to learn more about my inspiration, philosophy, and approach to this work. There’s also a bit of personal history there regarding my involvement with zines.

Ink, Paper, Skulls, And Screeds is available for travel and installation in art galleries, record shops, book stores, and any other venue whether traditionally art-focused or not.  Below you will find a large number of images from the very first opening reception of this show, which was on display in the month of May, 2018, at Chicago’s historic Flatiron Arts Building in Wicker Park. (At the time, this show wasn’t a traveling concern and the opening was titled The Room That Became A Zine.)

While this exhibition is a solo show, I strongly encourage the addition of other zine makers who should be encouraged to post their work as a collection that stands alone the way my work does-the overall effect of each artist’s work hanging as its’ own self-contained expression is quite powerful and any zine maker should experience what that feels like-it is incredibly validating!

Book Ink, Paper, Skulls, And Screeds by contacting me by email: jwallace242@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!

Images From The Chicago Debut Of Ink, Paper, Skulls, And Screeds show by Joe Wallace

zine art in Chicago

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